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2023-12-04: Stepper motor clocks
2023-12-03: Stepper motor clocks
2023-12-02: Advent of Code, Stepper motor clocks, SCAMP
2023-12-01: Stepper motor clocks, Advent of Code


2023-11-30: Stepper motor clocks, SCAMP
2023-11-29: Stepper motor clock, SCAMP
2023-11-28: Continuous remontoire, Stepper motor clock, Milling machine, Regexes
2023-11-27: Stepper motor clock, Garage, Regexes, EvalConstNode
2023-11-26: Thompson NFA, Stepper motor clock, Garage
2023-11-25: Garage, Stepper motor clock, SCAMP
2023-11-24: OpenSIPS, SCAMP, Garage, Stepper motor clocks
2023-11-22: Garage, Hefetrueb
2023-11-21: Stepper motor clock, Garage, Garage roof, Scotch Yoke clock
2023-11-20: 1x escapement, Carriage DRO, FreeCAD, Stepper motor clock, Scotch Yoke clock, Next
2023-11-19: 1x plastic escapement, Garage, Escapement design, Next
2023-11-18: Scotch Yoke escapement, Garage, 1x plastic escapement, Next
2023-11-17: Escapements, Milling machine, Garage, SCAMP, Scotch Yoke escapement, Crank escapement simulation, Next
2023-11-16: Escapements, SCAMP binary compression, 3d-printed escapement, 1x scale escapement, Scotch Yoke Escapement, Next
2023-11-15: 3d-printed escapement, Stepper motor clock
2023-11-14: Stepper motor clock, 3d-printed escapement, 0.25mm nozzle, NixOS, Metal escapement, Tomorrow
2023-11-13: Odd jobs, NixOS, Escapement, Stepper motor clock, Tomorrow
2023-11-12: Metal escapement prototype, Escapement design, Harrison clocks, Tomorrow
2023-11-11: Stepper motor clock, Watch layout
2023-11-10: Stepper motor clock, Hefetrueb Harrison Clock, Phase shifting
2023-11-08: Barrel gear, Stepper motor clock
2023-11-07: Stepper motor clock, Collet & hairspring, Things I've learnt from this escapement prototype, What's next?, Science book, Tomorrow
2023-11-06: Stepper motor clock, Watch
2023-11-05: Stepper motor clock, Travel plan, SCAMP, Watch, Tomorrow
2023-11-04: Stepper motor clock, SCAMP, Socket cover
2023-11-03: Stepper motor clock, SCAMP
2023-11-02: Stepper motor clock
2023-11-01: Stepper motor clock


2023-10-30: 3d printer, Stepper motor clock
2023-10-29: Stepper motor clock, Tomorrow
2023-10-27: Stepper motor clock
2023-10-26: SCAMP bank-switching
2023-10-25: Boggle, Stepper motor clock
2023-10-24: Boggle, Metal box, Stepper motor clock, Tomorrow
2023-10-23: Boggle, Stepper motor clock, Next tasks
2023-10-22: Boggle letters, Stepper motor clock, CNC pumpkin carving
2023-10-21: Self-aligning Boggle, Boggle letter distributions, Next tasks
2023-10-20: 4th axis, Self-aligning Boggle, Odd jobs, Side panel bolt
2023-10-19: Bangle.js commute data, 4th axis, Self-aligning Boggle board, Tomorrow
2023-10-18: Escape wheel, New pins, Polishing, Assembly, mk-pivot, Pivots for the inner barrel, On progress, Next
2023-10-17: Pivot holes in die block, New shafts, Standoffs, Stepper motor clock, Next steps on the stepper motor clock
2023-10-16: Stepper motor ratios, Metal escapement, Measurements, Errors, Next tasks, const for SLANG, Tomorrow
2023-10-15: Stepper motor clock gear ratios, Making better watch parts, Pressing things onto shafts, Making press-fits tighter, Cutting pins to length, Making shafts perpendicular, The plan, The execution
2023-10-14: mk-pivot, Balance wheel, Balance wheel shaft, Next, Stepper motor clock
2023-10-13: Transformers, Metal escapement, Milling machine adjustment, Cutting pivots with the 4th axis, Next
2023-10-12: Tomorrow
2023-10-11: Stepper motor clock, CNC machines
2023-10-08: Movement layout, Escape wheel shaft, 1mm reamer, Pallet fork, Next steps
2023-10-07: Grass, Micro-milling machine, Making pivots, 1mm collet, Escape wheel shaft, Light wiring
2023-10-06: Temujin, Github 2FA, Wiring, Chuck mounting plate, Escape wheel
2023-10-05: Metal escapement, Frame plates, Standoffs, Lathe microscope, Escape wheel, Tomorrow
2023-10-04: Lathe microscope bracket, Metal escapement, Making the parts, Tomorrow
2023-10-02: Making the scale, Metal escapement model, Next
2023-10-01: Clamping piece, Scale, Tomorrow, Metal escapement model


2023-09-30: Douzieme gauge
2023-09-29: Odd jobs, ER20 collet tray, Bandsaw, Douzieme gauge, CNC workflow, Bandsaw workflow, Tomorrow, Meshmill bugs
2023-09-28: Bangle.js commute timer, Tomorrow
2023-09-27: Meshmill bugs
2023-09-26: Plan, Hairspring winder, Douzieme gauge, Garage, Case mockup, Next
2023-09-25: Slot in wheel, Guard dart, Garage, Escape wheel drawing, Movement layout, Losing a gear, Next steps
2023-09-24: Balance frequency, Ceiling, Grass, Steel hairspring, Basket-weave guilloche, Douzieme Gauge, Next things to look at
2023-09-23: Lever escapement, Tooth geometry, Over-sized circle slot, Slot in the wheel, Asymmetrical pallets?, Natural frequency of balance wheel, Reduced leverage, Next things to look at, Video clips
2023-09-22: Captive lever escapement, Blued pivot steel, Next steps, Ceiling, Bangle.js commute timer, Timegrapher
2023-09-21: Bangle.js commute timer, Lever escapement, Case, Attaching the hairspring
2023-09-20: Lever escapement, Conclusions, Still to do, Prusa Mini Input Shaping, Roof, Blog posts to write, Power reserve
2023-09-19: Roof, Escapement video, Pacman £2 coin, Baby walker, Lever escapement, Tomorrow
2023-09-18: Lever escapement, Balance wheel weighting, Fake clipped planchet, Next
2023-09-17: Case, Metal escapement prototype, Rain, Next, Roof stuff, Lever escapement
2023-09-16: Staking tools, EDM, Next
2023-09-15: Levers, Workholding, Balance wheel machining, Notes system, Ceiling, Tomorrow
2023-09-14: Roof, Watch
2023-09-13: Roofing, Later
2023-09-12: Escapement, Tomorrow
2023-09-11: Roof, Car, Office, Next, Escapement geometry, Escapement redesign, 3d-printed models, Tomorrow
2023-09-08: Escapement, Better gears, Next
2023-09-07: Fusee, Temperature
2023-09-06: Watch stuff
2023-09-05: Roofing, Escapement prototype, Meshmill
2023-09-04: Escapement simulator, Unanswered questions, Plan, Escapement prototype
2023-09-03: Matter.js, Watchmaking, 4th axis, Lathe microscope, Parallel-axis verge and foliot, Gearing the watch
2023-09-02: Pin pallet escapement simulator, Watchmaking


2023-08-31: Watches, Meshmill, Bangle.js commute timer, Motorbike, Roof, Selling, OpenStreetMap viewer