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Home 3d metal printing: first results »

Mon 12 August 2019

A couple of weeks ago I learnt about an interesting 3d metal printing process, from a company selling it for $100k USD, and speculated that it might be DIY-able for much less. Well I now have some promising first results. Read more »

Towards a Better Pythagorean Cup »

Fri 4 January 2019

There was an article on Hacker News the other day by David Richeson entitled Make Your Own Pythagorean Cup. A Pythagorean cup is a cup with a built-in siphon. Supposedly invented by Pythagoras, the cup functions just like an ordinary cup as long as it is only filled to a certain level. If anyone gets greedy and tries to take too much wine, the level rises above the top of the siphon, which causes the siphon to self-start, and the greedy person is punished by having the entire contents of the cup dumped into their lap. Read more »

Flat Earth and the Coriolis Force »

Sun 9 December 2018

I've been learning about "flat-Earthers" recently. They're a fascinating group of people who genuinely believe that the Earth is flat and that governments, scientists, and industry are in on a big conspiracy to trick everyone into thinking the Earth is round. Read more »

On the design of a herb jar lid »

Mon 27 June 2016

My herb jar lid has two operating modes: one has small holes which allow you to shake the herb out slowly, and the other is a single large hole which allows you to shake the herb out quickly. Read more »

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