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Did I receive fraudulent DMCA takedowns?
Wed 21 June 2023
I received 3 DMCA takedown emails today, covering 7350 URLs on my hardbin.com IPFS gateway. The URLs were allegedly serving infringing copies of books. The strange part is that of those 7350 URLs, during the time for which I have nginx logs, none of them have ever been accessed, and of the ones that I checked, none even worked. Does this mean the DMCA takedown notices were fraudulent? Read more

Someone used my IPFS gateway for phishing
Thu 4 October 2018
At 02:43 this morning, I received an abuse complaint email. It was sent by PhishLabs to DigitalOcean, and DigitalOcean forwarded it to me. Read more

Someone Created a Tor Hidden Service to Phish my Tor Hidden Service
Fri 13 October 2017
SMS Privacy is available as a Tor hidden service, and it turns out ~10% of users actually use it that way. This post details what I found when somebody created a phishing site of my Tor hidden service. Read more

BTC-e, Alexander Vinnik, and the missing MtGox Bitcoins
Wed 26 July 2017

Q: How do you launder the Bitcoins you stole from MtGox?
A: Set up your own exchange and sell them on there
Read more

I tried to buy a thing off a dark net market, and the FBI stole my money
Tue 25 July 2017
I'm interested in online privacy and freedom, and I've wanted to make a purchase on a dark net market for quite a while. On the 26th of June I took the plunge. I'd heard AlphaBay was a popular market so (for the full experience) I loaded up Tails Linux in a virtual machine and navigated to the AlphaBay site. Read more

SMS Privacy was attacked last night
Sat 25 February 2017
This morning I checked on the list of SMS Privacy user accounts, as I do every morning, and found that quite a large number had been created overnight, between 22:48 and 23:10 GMT on 24th of Feb 2017. Most of them had names like: Read more