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Deanonymising a Tor hidden service with traffic correlation
Thu 18 October 2018
We've all heard that Tor hidden services can be traced to an IP address by an attacker who has sufficient visibility into global internet traffic, by correlating traffic sent to/from the hidden service with traffic sent to/from real IP addresses. But how easy is it in practice? How much data do you need? And how good do you need to be at statistics? I decided to find out. Read more

How to use Ricochet IM on Tails
Sat 13 October 2018
I've been using Tails (a privacy-focused Linux distro) as my day-to-day operating system recently, and I was disappointed to find that Ricochet IM does not work out-of-the-box. Read more

How Ricochet IM works
Tue 18 September 2018
Ricochet is instant messaging software that communicates over Tor, authenticates peers by their Tor onion address, and communicates directly peer-to-peer (via Tor hidden services) without any centralised servers involved. Read more

Someone Created a Tor Hidden Service to Phish my Tor Hidden Service
Fri 13 October 2017
SMS Privacy is available as a Tor hidden service, and it turns out ~10% of users actually use it that way. This post details what I found when somebody created a phishing site of my Tor hidden service. Read more

I tried to buy a thing off a dark net market, and the FBI stole my money
Tue 25 July 2017
I'm interested in online privacy and freedom, and I've wanted to make a purchase on a dark net market for quite a while. On the 26th of June I took the plunge. I'd heard AlphaBay was a popular market so (for the full experience) I loaded up Tails Linux in a virtual machine and navigated to the AlphaBay site. Read more