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Hiding messages in chess games »

Tue 9 October 2018

I designed a steganography system that encodes data as a chess game. A convenient way to communicate chess games is PGN, but any means of communicating the moves of the game would work, as the information is encoded conceptually in the moves themselves, rather than taking advantage of any redundancy in the PGN format. Read more »

A 4x4 chess puzzle »

Tue 28 August 2018

Playing Isopath a lot recently led to a broader interest in board games, which led to me playing a lot of go, and particularly chess (you can add me on lichess, but I'm not very good). I had a look at some single-player variants of chess and played "Hippodrome" a few times but found it very easy, however it gave me an idea for another possibility. Read more »

I designed a trick chess piece with hidden compartments »

Sun 4 February 2018

It's quite easy to model a traditional chess piece (apart from a knight) using CAD software. You basically just have to draw a sketch of the outline and revolve it around its centre. I modelled, and 3d printed, a Queen that includes some hidden compartments for storing small bits of paper, e.g. containing passwords or Bitcoin keys. Read more »

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