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Puzzle Drawers »

Sun 17 March 2019

For the last ~3 weeks I've been working on a chest of drawers. This is no ordinary chest of drawers, they are puzzle drawers. The idea is that the puzzler is presented with one of the drawers already open, and the goal is to manipulate the chest into a configuration where all of the drawers are closed. With a typical chest of drawers, this would be easy: just close the drawer that is open. In the puzzle drawers, there are 3d-printed internal mechanisms linking the drawers together. Read more »

A 4x4 chess puzzle »

Tue 28 August 2018

Playing Isopath a lot recently led to a broader interest in board games, which led to me playing a lot of go, and particularly chess (you can add me on lichess, but I'm not very good). I had a look at some single-player variants of chess and played "Hippodrome" a few times but found it very easy, however it gave me an idea for another possibility. Read more »

I designed a trick chess piece with hidden compartments »

Sun 4 February 2018

It's quite easy to model a traditional chess piece (apart from a knight) using CAD software. You basically just have to draw a sketch of the outline and revolve it around its centre. I modelled, and 3d printed, a Queen that includes some hidden compartments for storing small bits of paper, e.g. containing passwords or Bitcoin keys. Read more »

Magnetic cubes puzzle: In practice »

Mon 22 January 2018

I've put together a physical version of the magnetic cubes puzzle and have spent a good few hours playing with it. (You don't need to have read that post in order for this one to make sense, but it might help, and it's certainly worth having a look at the table that labels the different cube configurations). I haven't yet managed to solve it without consulting a computer. Read more »

Magnetic cubes puzzle: In theory »

Sat 20 January 2018

I had an idea for a puzzle. Imagine 27 small cubes. Put a magnet on each face of each cube, with variation as to whether North or South is facing outwards. Now try to assemble the cubes into a 3x3x3 "cube of cubes". Read more »

Solving the Matchsticks Game »

Wed 20 September 2017

I was on holiday in Iceland last week, and while we were away, Charlie introduced me to the "Matchsticks" game. We played a few rounds and it got me thinking about how to solve it. I couldn't find any information about the game online so I'm sharing what I've learnt... Read more »

I made a puzzle game »

Sun 1 November 2015

This evening I had an idea for a small puzzle game and implemented it. Read more »

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