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The crank position sensor works
Sat 6 May 2023
I have now used the 3d-printed light gate as a crank position sensor on the Wig-Wag, and the first impression is that it works well. Read more

Revisiting oscillating engine loss calibration
Mon 1 May 2023
Since my Wig-Wag has run in a bit now, I have revisited the loss calibration. Read more

More inlet pressure measurements
Tue 18 April 2023
I'm not completely sure what has changed, but I'm now getting more convincing-looking inlet pressure data. Read more

Measuring Wig-Wag inlet pressure fluctuations
Mon 17 April 2023
I have connected an electronic pressure sensor near the inlet of my Wig-Wag so that I can test the hypothesis that the actual pressure available at the inlet changes throughout the cycle of the engine. Read more

Calibrating losses in the oscillating engine simulator
Thu 13 April 2023
The biggest unknown variable in the oscillating engine simulator is the amount of friction loss that an engine is likely to experience. To calibrate the simulation I have measured the speed of my engine at various supply pressures and then simulated the same conditions, adjusting the simulated loss until the speed matches. Read more

My Wig-Wag
Sat 8 April 2023
I have finished building the Wig-Wag engine that I mentioned in my post about the simulator, and it runs! Great success. Read more

Oscillating Engine Simulator
Sun 19 March 2023
I've been working on an oscillating engine simulator. It's a type of steam engine where instead of valve gear, the cylinder swings back and forth, exposing a hole in the cylinder to an inlet port for the power stroke, and to an exhaust port for the exhaust stroke. Very simple. (I've also been working on building one, in the form of a Wig-Wag, but I haven't got very far with that). Read more