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Did I receive fraudulent DMCA takedowns?
Wed 21 June 2023
I received 3 DMCA takedown emails today, covering 7350 URLs on my hardbin.com IPFS gateway. The URLs were allegedly serving infringing copies of books. The strange part is that of those 7350 URLs, during the time for which I have nginx logs, none of them have ever been accessed, and of the ones that I checked, none even worked. Does this mean the DMCA takedown notices were fraudulent? Read more

Someone used my IPFS gateway for phishing
Thu 4 October 2018
At 02:43 this morning, I received an abuse complaint email. It was sent by PhishLabs to DigitalOcean, and DigitalOcean forwarded it to me. Read more

Hardbin: The World's Most Secure Encrypted Pastebin
Fri 19 May 2017
Over the past week I've been working on hardbin. Hardbin is an encrypted pastebin, with the decryption key passed in the URL fragment, and the code and data served securely with IPFS. (IPFS is a distributed content-addressable storage system that is web-compatible; it's basically bittorrent for the web). Read more

How to use bitaddress.org securely (spoiler: use IPFS)
Wed 10 May 2017
Bitaddress.org is a single-page web app for generating Bitcoin paper wallets. It's a great tool, and runs entirely client-side so (in theory) you can audit the code and don't have to trust that the server is not stealing your keys. Read more

I've been playing with IPFS
Tue 9 May 2017
There was an article on Hacker News yesterday about Uncensorable Wikipedia on IPFS. I read it with great interest (I recommend you read it too) and ended up going down a huge rabbit hole of learning about IPFS. Read more