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Frequently asked questions

What is the easiest way to run Collapse OS on a modern

Run the C VM in folder "/cvm". Run "make", then "./cos-grid".
See doc/usage.txt for the rest.

How do I use the different emulators?

Ah, you've noticed that /emul contains quite a few emulators.
Code in this folder only build emulators, not the binary to run
under it. It's the /arch folder that contains the makefiles to
build Collapse OS binaries to run under those.

When a binary built in /arch has a corresponding emulator, the
makefile has a "emul" target that you can use.

For example, "cd arch/z80/rc2014 && make emul" builds RC2014's
Collapse OS, the RC2014 emulator and then invokes the emulator.

How do I fill my SD card with Collapse OS' FS?

Very easy. You see that "/cvm/blkfs" file? You dump it to your
raw device.  For example, if the device you get when you insert
your SD card is "/dev/sdb", then you type "cat emul/blkfs | sudo
tee /dev/sdb > /dev/null".

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