James Stanley

West Country Place Name Generator

Fri 18 July 2014
Tagged: software

I've recently written a West Country Place Name Generator.

It has a list of words for the first half of a place name, and another list for the second half, and combines them to make place names.

For example, "Compton Dando" is a real place, as is "Limpley Stoke". From these, we can generate Compton Stoke and Limpley Dando (as well as the original inputs).

The page chooses a random name for the first half and a random name for the second half, and shows the combined name. It's all in Javascript in the page source.

On top of this, there is a selection of free-to-use images that are used for the background picture, as if to give a photograph of the place being named. For each name, an image is selected at random.

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