James Stanley

I painted my van wheels

Sat 11 April 2015

My van has steel wheels and they were pretty rusty so I decided to paint them.

I took a selection of photos throughout the process.

On Sunday I put the van on jacks and axle stands, took all the wheels off, and cleaned, stripped, masked, and primered them. I stripped the old rust/paint with a wire brush mounted in my drill. This is an excellent tool, far superior to wire brushing by hand. I masked the wheels with masking tape and newspaper, taking care to mask off the valve stems neatly. I then sprayed the primer that I already had lying around. I spent about 3 hours just preparing the wheels to be painted.

Then I had to wait for the paint to arrive (I stupidly ordered the paint off the Internet), which meant my van was sitting around all week with no wheels on. This was bad, I should have planned better.

Anyway my paint arrived yesterday and I painted the wheels yesterday evening and re-fitted them this morning. They look pretty sweet. The colour is "Anthracite Technik Grey". Of course.

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