James Stanley

SMS Travel Map

Sat 6 December 2014

As I mentioned before, I built an SMS-updating coordinate-tracking system to use on the Mongol Rally so that everyone left behind could keep track of our progress.

This turned out to be rather popular, and I realised it would be useful for a wider audience.

As such, after getting back from the rally, I've slowly been working on exactly such a service: SMS Travel Map.

The backend is now based on Mojolicious rather than CGI scripts, there is a user interface to get information, signup and manage your maps, and there is a mechanism to identify which map an SMS should go to (previously there was only one map, so every update went to the same map).

It's available and working now.

I also have plans to start using Docker, and when I get time I intend to transition SMS Travel Map over to running on Docker, along with various other projects I've done. That would also be a good excuse to make Guess Whom and Xory live again.

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