James Stanley

Please stop making popup menu bars

Fri 2 December 2016

There is a trend on the web at the moment to make menu bars that disappear when you scroll down, and reappear when you scroll up. This article encourages everybody to do it because "menus aren't pretty" and screen space is at a premium on mobile devices.

Well, I don't care if menus aren't pretty, and I'm not on a mobile device. But sometimes I accidentally scroll too far, and then scroll back up to bring the text back into view. Except as soon as it comes back into view, the menu bar slides down and covers it up! How is that helpful?!

I've been annoyed about this trend for quite some time, but I've now seen too much of it to stay quiet in good conscience. So, here's my plea:

Please, everybody, stop making popup menu bars.

Thank you for reading.

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