James Stanley

I tried to go pit biking

Sun 28 February 2016

Tormarton pit bike track was finally open yesterday so I took my pit bike there.

I did one lap, and then on the last corner I tried to brake but my brake did not work and I went straight on and crashed in the weeds. Not injured.

I had a look at the rear brake. It is supposed to have 2 brake pads in it, but only 1 was present, and the other had worn most of the way through the backing plate.

I've fitted new pads and plan to try again next weekend.

I was not completely negligent: I did test the rear brake before riding the bike. I should have had a look at the pads though. I think that when the bike was rattling around on the track, one of the pads fell out (because it was worn down so far) and just one pad is no use.

Also, when I tested the bike up and down the road, I used the rear brake and it was good enough to lock up the wheel and do mad skids, despite having no friction material.

Here is a picture of the brake pad:

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