James Stanley

I ran out of fuel in my van

Sat 1 November 2014

Yesterday, on my way into work, I glanced at my fuel gauge and noticed that it was extremely low. Thinking to myself, "wow! I've never seen it that low before", I made a mental note to fill up on the way home.

My afternoon at work went badly and I didn't finish until 7. Oh, well. Anyway I got into my van and had barely driven 50 yards up the hill before it spluttered to a halt. I knew immediately what had gone wrong. I got out and pushed the van around so that it was pointing down the hill, and coasted all the way down Lansdown Road and down on to London Road.

To set the scene: London Road is quite busy, with plenty of traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, and to make things worse it was Halloween yesterday so there were lots of people around to laugh at me.

To get from the end of London Road to the petrol station, I was scooting my van along with one leg out of the door. I felt a bit like Fred Flintstone. I tried to steer close to the kerb so that other people could get past me but only two cars went for it, the rest chose to sit behind either because they were scared of me or just to laugh.

Anyway I scooted all the way to the petrol station, filled up, and drove home. The whole affair probably only added about half an hour to my drive home and was pretty funny so I'm not too bothered. Bit annoyed though as I've never ran out of fuel before.

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