James Stanley


Sun 6 October 2013

Idea: NFC tag game. Whenever possible, bump your phone at someone else's to make them "it". Then they have to do it, and periodically there is some sort of punishment for the person who is "it". Like it vibrates to pretend there's a text message.

Also needs to be some way to punish them if they refuse to play. I don't want to brick people's phones.

I also think it would have to let you make private games. One game for all of the users could get tiresome. I will look into the technical feasibility of this; it could be fun.

If it's private games, you could just have a game admin and if someone is refusing to play he can just boot them, and then a random person gets made "it".

Soliciting ideas for a name...

I will blog about my plan (although last time that happened I didn't actually implement it, so perhaps I shouldn't).

Idea from here.

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