James Stanley

The Glowstick Debacle

Thu 15 August 2013

This is a story about how I tried to make some money on eBay, and ended up losing a bunch instead.

I bought a package of 1000 glowsticks for £30 to sell on eBay in groups of 10 for £2.

So I listed them, and loads of people bought them. I was dead popular as I was so much cheaper than everyone else. Even with a good deal on stamps, after buying the stamps, the glowsticks, the envelopes, and paying eBay and PayPal fees, I was only making something like 12p per sale.

Anyway, I sent out a bunch of glowsticks, but everyone started complaining that they had been set off in the post and therefore did not work. I refunded everyone's money, and started putting thick cardboard in the envelopes to stop them from bending.

Then everyone complained that, when it arrived, they had to pay the postman for the envelope as it was too heavy for a single 2nd class stamp.

In the end, I annoyed a lot of people and had to give every single customer a refund.

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