James Stanley

I tried to change the glow plugs in my van

Sat 20 February 2016

My van has been tricky to start on cold mornings lately so I decided to try to replace the glow plugs. I replaced 3 of the glow plugs. (There are 4).

One of the old glow plugs snapped off as I was unscrewing it!

I'm just going to leave it and hope it's fine.

I put the broken bits back on and wired it in as if it was fine.

So far the van runs fine so I'm calling it fine. It also starts better so at least one broken glow plug has been replaced.

A little bit worried that the snapped glow plug will fall out while I'm driving one day, so as insurance I'm keeping the remaining new plug and appropriate tools in the glovebox. But I think it's unlikely to fall out as it was easier to snap than unscrew.

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