James Stanley

Draughting Dojo

I like doing technical drawing for fun, here's some of my work.

2022-06-26: Fly cutter tool

It turned out that none of my existing lathe tools were a suitable fit for the fly cutter, so I'll try and make this one instead that takes the same sort of insert.

I don't like all of the layout of the dimensions here. Some of the dimension lines cross each other, and it seems like this could have been avoided with better planning.

2022-06-22: DCMT/DCGT lathe insert

Reproduction of the drawings and data on this page. I should have accounted for the size of the table before positioning the main drawing. It would look better if there were equal space on all sides, rather than centering the drawing.

The D1 dimension (diameter of centre hole) is not to scale, because it was easier to use my ~24mm hole template than to try to draw a ~34mm circle.

2022-06-19: Length of tramline

This is a drawing of a short length of tramline that I own. I found it interesting that most of the dimensions seem to be metric, except the thickness of the central web which is 1/4 of an inch.

It looks like my ruler is spreading bits of graphite all over the paper. I'm not sure exactly why, it seems to have sticky dark patches on the bottom, maybe after I rub stuff out tiny bits of graphite-laden rubber get left on the page and then smeared onto the ruler?

I'm not sure if dimensioning to the intersection point of a radius is really legit, or, if it is legit, that I've done it correctly. It makes sense to me though.

2022-06-17: M6 T-nut for mini mill

I managed to reuse the ~24mm circle template that I made for the toolmaker's clamp knob, but the ellipse was still freehand. I seem to be getting better (at least, quicker) at drawing freehand ellipses faster than I am making progress towards making an ellipse-drawing tool. Maybe the best solution is just to learn to draw freehand ellipses.

2022-06-16: Fly Cutter

I'm getting faster. This one took me about an hour and a half. Apart from the "general practice" drawing, it's the first one that I completed in a single sitting.

I'm still struggling with curves. I used my homemade compass for the large circle, a convenient template for the 2 small circles, and the curves in the isometric view are all freehand.

I really need to find a way to make the ellipses more quickly and more accurately.

2022-06-15: General Practice

The patterns are roughly copied from this video.

2022-06-12: Toolmaker's Clamp Knob

I made myself a small compass, but I'm not very proficient at using it. I still don't have a great way to do ellipses, so the curves in the isometric view are still freehand.

2022-06-08: Toolmaker's Clamp

This is the first part I made on my CNC milling machine. See the blog post.

I didn't have a compass at this point so the holes are drawn freehand, which shows.