Countdown solver

Many thanks to everyone who gave feedback towards the new solver! The new version is available here. Now with instant letters solutions and more natural numbers solutions.

On this page, you may enter the letters and numbers off countdown, and the server will solve countdown for you! If you wish to run the old version of this software on your computer, you can get it here. The advantage of running it on your computer is that you can get more than just 10 words, and you can get words smaller than 5 characters. More importantly you get the code, and that's the fun part.

The (better) solvers that are currently used on this page are available on my cntdn GitHub project.

It is possible that there are words that are not in this dictionary, or words in the dictionary that are not real or valid in countdown. None of these conditions have been found or looked for. The word game solver will not find words of less than 5 characters. The numbers game solver has been updated such that it now solves in a shortest way possible (thanks to iteratively-deepened depth-first search), and it can now solve all solvable games.



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