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Remote Shell

You can control a remote system from Collapse OS using the
Remote Shell application at B150. All you need is a ACIA
driver (see doc/hw/acia.txt).

With a proper driver in place, you can load the Remote Shell at

Then, it's only a matter of running "rsh". This will repeatedly
poll RX<? and emit whatever is coming from there and at the
same time, poll KEY? and push whatever key you type to TX>.

You can stop the remote shell by typing CTRL+D (ASCII 4).

Uploading data

You can also upload data to your remote if it runs Collapse OS.
Use the "rupload" word. It takes a local address, a remote
address and a byte count. For example, "$8000 $a000 42" copies'
42 bytes from the local machine's $8000 address and uploads it
to the remote's $a000 address.

When you execute the word, it's doing to remotely (and tempo-
rarily) define helper words and that's going to result in some
gibberish on the screen. Then, it's going to start spitting "."
characters, one per byte uploaded. After that, it's going to
spit two checksum: one for the data received by the remote and
one for the data sent locally. If they match, you're all good.

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